Five Storeys of Mahogany Handrail on Portland Stone stairs. Park Lane London UK Maker of high quality fine furniture, bespoke joinery, geometric handrails, and curved staircases
Maker of geometric handrails and curved staircases
Curved Handrails
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Curved Handrails
Very often staircase design can be held back because so few craftsmen exist with the specialist skills needed to make the curved handrail. There are no limitations to the geometric handrails that Lyndon Cabinet Makers can make e.g. elliptical, spiral, helical and of course straight.

Curved handrail can be supplied in a kit form and can be sent any where in the world.
All I need is a detailed drawing with, rise, go, radius etc. All you need is a competent joiner. Though I am prepared to travel and fit the handrail if you prefer.

As you walk through the front door into the entrance hall a staircase says it all.
There is nothing quite like a curved staircase with a beautiful wreathe handrail.
"The complexity of the staircase design, over three floors in height was such that only one of the very best joiners would have been able to complete the work with such a superb finish and on programme, as you did." Nathaniel Gee R.I.B.A, Dip Arch, B.Sc (Hons)

in reference to the staircase Mark Paynter created for a private residence in Kensington London designed by Nathaniel Gee.

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